Just in time for another Utica Comets win at home tonight, it's another Utica "pump up" parody song!

Up until now there were only two Utica Comets songs that I know of: Bill Keeler from our sister station WIBX produced a song called "Rock This Aud: Utica Comets Playoff Song 2015"

Next there was the "Utica Comets Pump up Video" created by Streamline Concepts.

Now there's the "Utica Song" by Dave Coombs

The pride is obvious around the greater Utica area. We love our Comets and the Comets have been very vocal that they love us back. You may have heard a song on the radio. It's been getting a lot of play the last couple of days. Dave Coomb's "Utica song.”We turned that song into a music video. The song parodies “Panama.”


Here's that new song!

Here's this morning's Just Jen segment!

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