A lot of people nowadays are writing their own wedding vows that show who they are as individuals. That got us thinking about what Central New York themed vows would sound like.

We came up with the idea after seeing these two videos with sports and hunting themed vows:


So what do you think Central New York themed vows would contain?

Here's what we came up with:

  • To have and to hold, through good Comets seasons and bad
  • For rich or bitter Saranac beer
  • Through snow storms and heat waves
  • I promise to love you more than riggies, pizza, wings and partying the night before Thanksgiving
  • I promise to be the Schultz to your Dooley until the sun stops shining on the Bank of Utica's golden dome.

What do you think? Central New York enough?

We would love to hear your versions in the comments!


BONUS VIDEO: Polly's Point

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