Have you ever watched the Christmas classic movie "The Polar Express" and felt like you caught a reference to another movie? You are not alone. The movie actually has several hidden references, or Easter Eggs, scattered throughout the film.

When you hear the term "Easter Eggs" in movies, chances are they aren't referring to actual Easter eggs. This term is used to describe hidden items in movies. Pixar is very well known for hiding easter eggs in all of their films. One main one, the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story is in every single Pixar movie.

Does the Polar Express have these hidden references? There is actually quite several.

Robert Zemeckis, the director of the Polar Express, is the director of several other blockbuster hits. Some of these hits make their way into the Polar Express. Here are some of the easter eggs you can find in this classic film:

1) Back to the Future Easter Eggs

There are several Easter Eggs from the movie back to the future scattered in Polar Express. The Lone Pine Mall appears in the beginning of the film in the scene where we see our main character, who never has a name, is going through his "Evidence" of no Santa. When you see the picture of department store Santa's on strike, they are on strike at the Lone Pine Mall.


Another Back To The Future reference is hidden in the scene where Smokey and Steamer (the fat man and the red-bearded man who are the trains engineers) are trying to catch the pin for the brake. If you look closely, a flux capacitor can be seen for a brief moment on the wall of the engineering room. Click Here to see it. You can also spot it at the 44 second mark in this video:


2) Back to the Future Part III Easter Eggs

Once again, there are two different Easter Eggs from part three of the Back To The Future trilogy. One scene shows a slightly elevated close-up shot of the locomotive's cow-catcher coming to a halt just inches from the viewer, this is directly from the film. Also the hero (the main character) quotes Doc Brown about wanting to pull a train whistle. What the little boy says when he pulls the whistle cord is "I've wanted to do that my whole life!", the same quote Doc Brown says when he pulls the whistle.


3) Forrest Gump Easter Eggs

This Easter Egg is a little harder to spot, even though it's on the screen the longest out of the Easter Eggs. Remember in the movie Forrest Gump, the film opens with the scene of the feather floating? Remember the part in Polar Express where the hero boy loses the hero girls ticket and it flies out of the window? This ticket flying scene was designed to mimic the exact same scene from Forrest Gump.


4) What Are The Easter Eggs? When Do They Happen?

IMDB has a complete list of other films that get some sort of mention in Polar Express. You can find that list by Clicking Here.



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