2013 is almost in the books.  Ready to make a change for the better in 2014?  Yes, I'm talking about New Year's resolutions.  Before you make any, check out this list of the top ten New Year's resolutions  most likely to be broken. 

Wow, here we are about to wrap up another year.  Feels like just  yesterday we were looking forward to 2013.  As you start thinking about making a New Year's resolution or two consider this.  These ten New Year's resolutions from TIME are the ones you're most likely to break.  While it doesn't mean you shouldn't make any of these, do try to make your resolutions attainable so you can keep them for more than the first week of January.

1.  Losing weight and getting in shape.

2.  Quitting smoking.

3.  Learning something new.

4.  Dieting and eating less.

5.  Getting rid of debt and spending less money.

6.  Spending more time with your family.

7.  Traveling to new places.

8.  Being less stressed out.

9.  Volunteering.

10.  Drinking less.

Okay, plenty of those sound familiar to me.  Do they to you too?  I'm still going to try for a few of them in 2014 because they're good goals to have.  What's your resolution for the new year?  Good luck!