The star of Thanksgiving is clearly the turkey, but it takes a number of supporting dishes to make the meal a success. Some of those side dishes are family favorites and some...aren't.

Let's be honest: turkey, no matter how you prepare it, tastes like turkey. If turkey were a color, it would be beige - just okay, a little bit bland, but not offensive. Like beige, turkey is just a backdrop for the side dishes. The vegetables and potatoes and leafy greens and how they're prepared are what separates one Thanksgiving meal from another.

People get passionate about their sides. They can't wait for mom's stuffing or their aunt's Brussels sprouts. Yet, for every side dish that has a die-hard fan, there's another that has its haters.

But which is the most hated right here in Central New York?

Turns out there is a clear-cut, hands-down most hated side dish. Cranberry sauce has its detractors. Sweet potatoes, especially once the marshmallows are gone, is also not a fan favorite. Even mashed potatoes aren't immune from dislike.


The most hated side dish in Central New York is green bean casserole. 

There's some great news for those of you who love green bean casserole: there should be plenty of leftovers for you to enjoy.




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