If you're single, it's nice to know and believe that "there's somebody out there for everyone" even if you're a freak, or just a tad bit odd. Who doesn’t love a good mullet?

The miracle of the Internet helps make finding your freak-mate much better now than they've ever been.

Here's a rundown from TheBachelorGuy.com of some of the more bizarre dating websites that actually exist:

  • Darwin Dating- The actual motto of DarwinDating.com is: "Online dating minus ugly people." The site has a feature that allows members to score others' profiles and kick people out when their score is too low. (DarwinDating.com)
  • Diaper Mates- If you're an adult who enjoys wearing a diaper and wants to meet someone else who enjoys shares your diaper passion, DiaperMates.com is for you. (DiaperMates.com)
  • Mullet Passions- Designed to help users find that special someone who is all business in the front and all party in the back. (MulletPassions.com) . It’s real, I checked it out and can’t stop laughing.
  • STD Match- Don't let something trivial like a sexually transmitted disease stop you from finding the love of your life. Instead, find a woman that you have a lot in common with at STDMatch.net. (STDMatch.net). This was featured on CNN.com!

Would you ever in a billion years go to any of these sites?