Just when you thought all hope was lost for finding love once you became a ghost, a new option has surfaced just in time for the Halloween season.

Spirits and ghosts that have tragically lost their chance at love are no longer just left with psychics and Ouija boards, the dating scene has received an update for the departed. Dating websites have become a staple of our times to help people find love, so it's only natural or rather, supernatural that the new dating site GhostSingles.com has appeared to fulfill that dating void for the departed. The dating site helps spirits aged 18-1000+ find significant others and offers up helpful otherworldly dating tips.

While there are no stats for the number of sign ups, this ghostly site may just be what the afterlife needs. Just note that this is not for the undead or the living dead.


Haunted Marcy Studios Chronicles - History

As the season of ghosts and ghouls is upon us it is important to recognize the events that happen on a daily basis but are often overlooked. Many intently focus on the urban legends and ghost stories that inundate the Mohawk Valley and surrounding regions.