My dear friend Linda is a flight attendant and yesterday she posted on her facebook page a lengthy opposition to the TSA policy now allowing passengers to carry small knives onto planes. The vice president of the flight attendants union agrees with her and she has said that the new policy is "outrageous."

According to the Huffington Post: Sara Nelson, vice president of the Association of Flight Attendants, says that flight attendants are an aircraft's "last line of defense," and the new rule puts them "in a much more dangerous position."

My friend Linda, who is a flight attendant then posted;

I am absolutely disgusted and outraged by this decision. Some a....ole in some office somewhere that has never done my job made this decision. WHY does someone have to bring a knife of and kind on board? WHY do they have to bring golf clubs on board? You want to bring it on your trip? Fine. CHECK IT. There is absolutely no reason you need these items in the cabin of the aircraft. They say "no box cutters or razors." Really? So you're telling me you can't sharpen a pocket knife to be razor sharp? I am so sickened by this. And do you think anyone asked us, the working flight crews, OUR opinion? HELL NO. I am LIVID!!!

On Tuesday the Transportation Security Administration announced a policy change that would allow airline passengers to carry small knives, souvenir baseball bats, golf clubs and other sports equipment onto planes, beginning next month.

What do you think?

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