Tonight, the semi-finals of ‘The Voice’ kicked off with a group performance of the happy-go-lucky ‘Best Day of My Life’ by American Authors. The performance was enjoyable; unfortunately, however, for our pal Cole, there were technical problems with his microphone, causing his lovely voice to be distorted. Big points for his professionalism, as he sang right through the static, never flinching for a second. Coach Blake was showing full support for his solo remaining team member, sporting a gigantic black, bushy beard, in honor of the bearded Cole.

The first individual performance of the night was last week’s Twitter save, James Wolpert. The lucky three members of Team Adam were invited to dine over breakfast in Adam Levine’s backyard. Invite us next time, Adam, will ya? We’ll be waiting.

James Wolpert sang U2’s classic ‘With or Without You.’ Last week, James was not at his best, suffering from some sort of cold virus. Having a lot to prove tonight, James came out with guns blazing, giving his best performance in several weeks. Adam said, “James, that was even beyond what I thought you could do. I’m so proud.” Blake was equally impressed, telling James he might have dug himself out of his hole. We shall see, soon enough!

Watch James Wolpert Perform U2's 'With or Without You'

Next was California’s Will Champlin doing ‘Carry On,' a song by fun. Performing in front of an elaborate sparkling cityscape, Will started off strong, and stayed committed throughout. Will did miss a lot of the big notes, but he seemed to have more fun on the stage than usual, full of smiles and joy.

Watch Will Champlin Perform fun.'s 'Carry On'

Next up, Jacquie Lee, whom we haven’t been a huge fan of in recent weeks. Tonight, Christina gave her ‘Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan. The song was a nice departure from her previous performances, with this one showcasing the softer side of her voice -- which we much prefer to her over-the-top belting. Although there were still many “big” moments in the song tonight, it finally all worked for Jacquie, perfectly. For once we agree with coach Christina’s endless spewing of adoration. Cee Lo, who doesn’t have any team members left, was equally blown away by Jacquie’s performance, remarking that she reminded him “we’re all in this together.”

Watch Jacquie Lee Perform Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel'

Then it was Cole Vosbury’s turn, who got his crazy beard trimmed at a barber shop with Cee Lo and Blake looking on (but fear not, his beard was still wild and crazy as ever at the end of said trim session). Cole sang ‘Shameless’ by Garth Brooks, while accompanying himself on the piano. Despite a minor voice crack at the very end, Cole did a great job, demonstrating that his artistry is levels above most of the other singers in this competition. Coach Blake was proud as per usual, saying that he felt like Cole had finally figured out the style of music he was meant to sing.

Watch Cole Vosbury Perform Garth Brooks' 'Shameless'

Last up was Tessanne Chin who sang Simon and Garfunkel’s ultra iconic ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water.’ Tessanne (who was going through some personal problems, which were later alluded to by Adam Levine) aimed to channel all her emotions into the song, and we would say she succeeded and then some, giving an absolutely outstanding vocal performance. Holy moly. Most definitely the standout of the night. Adam was practically rendered speechless, and told Tessanne her performance was the most flawless and graceful he has ever seen.

Watch Tessanne Chin Perform Simon and Garfunkel's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'

Tomorrow night, we will find out who goes home and who will be moving on to the big finale show next week. The end is near!

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