It seems nowadays we are all cutting back on our wasteful spending. We are shopping just a little less, we are spending just a little less, but every now and then we deserve to spoil ourselves.

Hair Dryer

How much is too much for a blow-dry? $100? $300? $500? Well if you guess $500, you wouldn’t want this. The Urban Retreat Spa in the UK is offering the world's most expensive blow-dry, it'll cost you just over $500.

According to Yahoo Shine,This new treatment at Harrods Urban Retreat salon begins with a shampoo and conditioning treatment with white truffle skin, diamond dust, and meteorite extracts from space that claim to "react intelligently to the specific needs of each individual hair type."” Next a stylist will blowdry and style your hair to make it smooth and silky.

Before you go thinking that this is just a big waste of dough, keep in mind that you get to keep your truffle oil and meteorite extract shampoo and conditioner.

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