Getting old isn't always fun, but it sure beats the alternative. 'Old' just comes out of nowhere - you're going along, living life - and then WHAM - old.

So how can you tell if you're getting old? Life conveniently hands us little signs that subtly whisper "damn, you're gettin' old..." What are some of those signs?

5 Embarrassing Signs That You're Getting Old

1. When you've got a hair growing out of somewhere it never has before...but you don't know because your eyesight has gotten so bad you can't see it. You're genuinely surprised when you either a) feel it while touching your face in a meeting or b) you make the mistake of glancing in a magnifying mirror.

2. You're getting gray hairs in places no one wants to see gray hairs. What? I mean your eyebrows!

3. A piece of technology comes out and you decide you're not gonna try to learn it, you don't care to learn it, and no one is gonna make you. Like my grandmother and DVDs - VCR tapes were just fine, thank you very much. Also like my mother and her commitment to her flip phone.

4. You pull a muscle/hurt your back/injure yourself doing something really simple - like sneezing, or chewing. (As I type this, I just swallowed two Advil because I hurt my neck putting gel in my hair today - so there's that.)

5. You find yourself having to explain things in order for stories from your childhood to make sense: like what a Walkman is, an encyclopedia, and modesty. Corollary: your kids can not believe you grew up without the internet and Google. Damn, we were smart back then!

Okay - so what did I miss? When did you feel old?

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