It's great to see all the road improvements underway here in Central New York. I enjoy the sight of construction workers hard at work. It makes me feel like we're rebuilding America. But I can't help but wonder, "why this road and not that road?" I'm sure officials must decide what money goes to what project, so I hope they'll take a look at this list before the next meeting.

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    Coventry Road

    As you drive down Coventry towards River Rd. you'll notice patchwork yet, it's still a bumpy ride, especially as you pass St. Peters cemetery. When you reach Coventry, look out, improvements are needed.

    Mark Richards Townsquare Media
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    Kemble Street

    Kemble Street in Utica near the Loretta Nursing Home in Utica is like riding a roller-coaster. I discovered this when the Oneida Square/Genessee Street roundabout was being constructed, I traveled up Kemble and thought I was at an amusement park. Let's hope this road gets smoothed out soon.

    Mark Richards Townsquare Media
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    Seifert Road Bridge, Rome, NY

    This is a real pain for people who live in this area of Rome. Having to go around can add up to 20 minutes to your commute. This also was the site of a very serious accident that claimed the life of a Rome man so please avoid the area until the bridge is repaired.

    Mark Richards Townsquare Media
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    Off South Street

    Miller Street, Howard Avenue,Nelson Street, Seymour Avenue, and Dudley Avenue all need improvement. Someone once told me that the entire Cornhill section of our city could use a fresh coat of paint and I would add to that, a fresh coat of asphalt as well.

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    West Street

    Out of all the improvement we've noted for mostly the South Utica area, this has got to be the worst road of them all. The picture only shows one of the many broken apart sections of West Street. If our roads department only has the budget to do one road, make it West Street. I'll bet the residents would welcome the disturbance for a while for this improvement.

    Mark Richards Townsquare Media