Oneida Street Still Closed
With the threat of possible flooding on the way, one New Hartford project still hasn't been finished. And it's causing headaches for area residents.
What's With Rumble Strips
Maybe you've noticed the "rumble strips" right outside of some of the construction areas on the Arterial... Have you ever wondered why they were there?
Worst Utica Streets
We love our city, but one thing's for certain; the potholes are a menace. By no means is the this little list conclusive; just a few streets that we encountered while out and about.
The 5 Worst Roads in Utica
It's great to see all the road improvements underway here in Central New York. I enjoy the sight of construction workers hard at work. It makes me feel like we're rebuilding America. But I can't help but wonder, "why this road and not that road...