We all complain about spending so much time and energy on people that don't work out. Since there's already so much negativity floating around out there already, let's make it a point to look for the pros of dating the wrong person.

According to dating coach Paulette Kouffman Sherman, author of Dating from the Inside Out, here are some reasons if you dated Mr. Wrong, you may not have wasted all your time.

1) Dating Experience- Everything worth doing takes practice. Even when it's a bad experience, it's a learning experience.

2) Likes and Dislikes- By going out on bad dates, it helps you learn what you don't want and what you do want long-term.

3) Dating Energy- When you want to attract a mate, there's no substitute for getting out there. Dating is a numbers game, so sometimes the more people you meet the better your chances for success.

4) Fun- Instead of being a whiny, judgmental pain, just let go of expectations and have fun.

5) Courtesy - Getting stuck with a bum for a night gives you the chance to learn to say no gracefully.