Every woman is always looking for Mr. Right. You’ll climb mountains, search far, and spend a lot of your life searching. Some advice: you'll want to stay far away from these guys.

Here’s the list from MSN of who to avoid:

  • Mr. Woo You to Bed: On your first date, he'll talk about all the weird and wild sex he's had. It’s pretty clear he's hoping for one thing, to get you into bed that night.
  • Mr. Likes 'Em Young: If your date is 10 years older and he tells you he usually dates women even younger than you, he'll be looking for an even younger model very soon.
  • Mr. "Manties": Guys who wear French-cut bikini underwear. He's probably just as sleazy as his man-panties.
  • Mr. Still a Child: Does your guy still have toys lying around? Think Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Everyone has to grow up at some point.
  • Mr. Shady Business: Does he have an "on the side" job he won't explain? Does he seem to have way more cash than he should? He may be doing something illegal.
  • Mr. Control Freak: If, at dinner, a guy tells you how to hold your silverware properly or reminds you to put your napkin in your lap ... what else is going to tell you how to do?

Who else should be added to this list? Which guy on the list have you had the worst experience with?