Silence is golden.  Remember that one from childhood?  There are some things best not said in the workplace.  Not that any one of them will get you fired, but they won't put you in the best light, especially in your boss's eyes.  Thirteen things you shouldn't say in the workplace. 


Uh oh, I'm scanning this list and I know I've said several of these while at work.  Have you?  This list comes from  Take it for what it's worth.

1.  It's not fair.

2.  That's not my problem, my responsibility or my job.

3.  I think....

4.  No problem.

5.  I'll try.

6.  He's a jerk.  I hate this company.

7.  But we've always done it that way.

8.  That's impossible.

9.  You should have...

10.  I may be wrong but...

11.  You guys

12.  Okay?  or Don't you think?

13.  I'm too busy or I don't have the time right now.

Will you keep saying some of these?