If you thought the most expensive home in the entire state of New York was located in the Hamptons, you would be wrong.

If you didn't think it would be the Hamptons, you still probably thought some part of New York City would hold this luxurious home. But that's not true, either. It's not far off, but still not a part of the city.

Forbes, known for all things money, has compiled a list of the most expensive homes listed in every state. Prices range from $1.3 million for beautiful 9,732 square-foot home in Missouri, to the most expensive homes (two of them) at $75 million. New York happens to be one of the two listed for $75 million.

So where is this extravagant home?

It's right by the New York-Connecticut border, in an area called Pound Ridge. According to Forbes,

...this 20,043-square-foot, European-style manor known as Hillandale Estate consists of eight bedrooms and 14 baths clad in limestone, onyx, mosaic tile, stained glass, and antique marble.

Not only that, but the mansion has two pools - one inside and one outside, a library, a tennis court, a conservatory, greenhouses, barns, and so much more (which we would hope, for the price tag that comes along with it).

You can see a picture of this amazingly beautiful and ridiculously huge home here.




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