If you've heard the phrase, life begins at 40, you can say that it's certainly true for Kristie Lewis. She is a 40-year-old mother of two and now is one of the newest member of the New Orleans cheerleading squad, the Saintsations. You Go Girl! You make us 40 plus folks proud!

She tells ABC that her boys are 11 and 14. “

There were a lot of young, beautiful girls. It was a fear. I will not lie. Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with polysistic kidney disease. Eventually my kidneys will shut down [and] I will be in need of dialysis and in need of a transplant … That had a lot to do with me auditioning as well. I didn’t want to waste a day. I think as moms we are hard-wired to give and we give and we give and we give. I think it’s important to think back [to] what made you excited as a child.”

Kristie Lewis is truly an inspiration to all of us. Her determination to live every day to it's fullest is a great message to send. Don't let your age tell you not to 'go for it!'

You'll see her on the sidelines of the Saint's first exhibition game on August 15th, 2014.

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