March is Women's History Month, and a Central New York photographer is celebrating local women in a creative and inspiring way.

Erin Covey, a New Hartford native and photographer, has taken on an inspiring project for Women's History Month, highlighting local women. Through the power of her photographs, Erin highlights the extraordinary accomplishments of these women as they "make their corner of the world better and brighter."

In a previous project, Erin took a photograph of a person every day for a year (you can see that one HERE). This time, Erin says she wanted to "spotlight smart, positive and incredible women during the month of March." These women all add something positive to the world, whether it's "through volunteer work, charitable giving, their profession, and — most definitely — their voice."

"Since Women’s History Month is underway, it made sense to kick off the project in March. Every day on my Instagram account @erincoveycreative I’ll be posting portraits of these women (one woman a day) along with quotes from them."

If you haven't, check out Erin's photo series on Instagram. What makes the women she selected so inspiring is that they are otherwise ordinary women who have made a choice to live their lives by leaning into their superpowers. (And here's a secret - we ALL have superpowers.)


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