Here in Utica, this might be considered blasphemy--a house with Budweiser decor. Because, well...Utica Club.

We told you recently about a Buffalo Bills house in the Rochester area. This is the companion piece. It's a home in Lake Worth, Florida that's got a whole Budweiser vibe going on in its interior. The 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo spans 815 square feet and the walls are almost entirely covered with Budweiser cans. It just sold for $100,000 after a bidding war.

It was listed by Kristin Adams-Kearney with Kearney & Associates Realty. Here are a bunch of pics from the realtor's Facebook page:

Credit: Kearny & Associates Realty via Facebook
Credit: Kearny & Associates Realty via Facebook

Apparently only the bathrooms don't run with the theme. Maybe the new owner can fix that.

The folks at Anheuser-Busch, makers of Budweiser, told FOX News they are offering a great deal to the new owner. They'll stock the fridge with Buds on one condition: the owners “don’t renovate.”

The original home was designed by U.S. Navy Veteran Michael Amelotte, who passed away from cancer this past June. He started the beer can project in 1990, four years after he moved into the home. According to the realtor's Facebook page:

He was stationed aboard an aircraft carrier and worked as a decoder during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It took him 16 years to consume enough beverages and finish this project. Mike was also an avid golfer with a 6 handicap, and a lifetime Buffalo and Yankees Fan.

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