Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle are engaged. The pair reportedly got together when friends set them up. It's rare that a blind date ends up so well, as one CNY woman can attest.

Dating isn't easy. There's all the preparation, the small talk, the nerves. Blind dates are that, multiplied by a million. 

One New Hartford woman (who we'll call Jane, to protect her identity) went on a blind date with a guy she met on an online dating site. She had recently gotten a new (used) car, so she was fine with picking him up for the date. They met at a local pub for a drink, and hit it off - they talked and laughed for hours. He was cute and funny, and he seemed really interested in Jane - asking more about her than talking about himself.

In fact, the date was going so well, they thought they might grab dinner as well. Jane got up to go to the ladies room - and when she got back her date was gone.

And so were her car keys. 

And her car. 

After waiting around awhile, thinking her date had maybe gone to get the car so she wouldn't have to walk, the realization dawned: her date had stolen her car.

The car was ultimately recovered in Utica, destroyed, a few days later. Suffice it to say, there wasn't a second date.

Have you ever had a date that went, really bad? 


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