Spike Lee seems like he throws the best parties in New York, doesn't he? I mean, he's an award winning director who has written, produced, starred in and directed some of the most iconic creative films--based in his hometown of Brooklyn. He is arguably the biggest NY Knicks and Yankees fan in the history of both teams. He wears some of the most colorful and interesting fashion, alongside the colorful and interesting way he shares his art.

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Growing up seeing Spike Lee films and having met him once when he visited my university-- I feel like a "Spike Lee Joint' (read: Block Party) is bound to be epic.


When Michael Jackson passed away suddenly in 2009,

Lee began hosting a super popular fete in the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn called 'Brooklyn Loves MJ' block party.


When the legendary multi-hyphenate musician Prince passed away

equally as suddenly in 2016, Lee added Prince tunes to the music marquee.



Then COVID happened.

And the fete moved online as a virtual block party--which is cool and all, but lets be honest, a true block party requires a block to party on, Yes?  Thank the block captains that it only took 4 years to make that happen.  Recently, Lee took to his Instagram page to inform his 2.1 million followers that the 'MJ/Prince Block Party' is back:

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Whaddup Party People. It’s Finally OFFICIAL. I’m Elated To Announce That After A 4 Year Break ‘Cuz Of Covid We Are Having Your MICHAEL JACKSON💜PRINCE BLOCK PARTY On Saturday August 26th In Da Year Of Our LAWD 2023 From High Noon To 7pm At Fort Greene Park In Da People’s Republic Of Brooklyn. On Da Wheels Of Steels Da Mighty @DJSPINNA And Ya Already Know He’s A WINNER. Dis Will Be Da Party Of Da Year. It’s Gonna Be A L💜VEFEST For MJ And PRINCE. Come Dressed To Da Nines. Who You Reppin’❓Either Way It’s All L💜VE. We Gonna Sing And Dance So LOUDMichael And Prince Gonna Hear US. ‘Cuz Y’Know Spreadin’ 💜 Iz Da Brooklyn Way.

If you happen to love Prince and MJ and plan to be in Brooklyn, here's what you need to know.

Time:  to 
Place: Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn.
Music: DJ Spinna
Cost: Free

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