When I was a kid I dreamed of being the next Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee. Now if only I was half as amazing as this little guy, I may have actually earned my black belt.

When I was a child I was extremely serious about martial arts. How serious was I? Very. My friend Greg and I used to purchase real throwing stars from karate magazines and then we would spend hours outdoors throwing them into trees and targets made of hay. We also use to practice acrobatic moves, and simulate fights with one another. At one point I could do a flip off the ground and land on my feet. We dressed up in our ninja outfits and often attempted to impress our family members with our slick demonstrations. I certainly thought I was a hotshot!

One day Greg and I asked our parents if we could enroll in a karate class. To my surprise they said yes. It was a reluctant one, but it was a yes nonetheless. I was super excited!  I couldn't wait to get to the first class so I could show off all my awesome moves to my sensei. Certainly he would be wowed by my spinning back fists and flawless roundhouse kicks! Check it out; my instructor's name was Mark KILLMORE. If his name wasn't enough to scare you, his professional kickboxing record certainly would. His fights were often featured on ESPN. Still, I wasn't deterred. I was about to show this guy how amazing I was!

Needless to say, my cocky attitude and pretentious flare didn't get me too far. At the end of three months, Mr. KILLMORE told me that I wasn't ready to test for my yellow belt. I was completely shocked, and super angry! He mentioned to me that I didn't have my kata memorized and that would prevent me from moving forward. I got so discouraged that I quit that same day. Meanwhile, my friend Greg went on to be a professional MMA trainer. True story!

Check out the precise moves of this little guy!


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