College is a place to learn and to gain a little independence by getting away from the comforts of home. Or are they? Our college visit tells a different story.

Like, seriously.

Dave and I and my daughter Jill did a little college visit this weekend to visit SUNY Potsdam, because Jill is applying to attend next fall. The school has a great student-faculty ratio, the campus is safe, and it offers a wide range of courses in her major. Blah, blah, blah.

It has 9 cafeterias. And a Tim Horton's. And a coffee shop in the library. 

I remember when the college I went to got a frozen yogurt machine in our ONE cafeteria. I thought I was living the high life. Kids are supposed to come home from their college experience craving home cooking and missing the delicious food mom makes.

There was a stir-fry station in one dining hall. Did I mention that? They also make the students omelets to order. How's a mom supposed to compete with that?

Well, at least she'll be excited to bring her laundry home to good old mom.


The laundry is free, and there's an app that tells them when the washers and dryers are free and when their laundry is done. Are you kidding me? How about one of those in your house?

College today is not like the college you went to. There are activities every day to acclimate the freshmen. They have pizza night, movie night, someone to teach them how to navigate the school's registration systems, to teach them how to do laundry, and there's even a night where professors come in and cook them dinner.

I'm not making this up. 

When you went to school, you were lucky if you had a week's worth of orientation and then you were pretty much left to fend for yourself. That's how it went when I was at school.

Not today. Basically, they're staying at a very expensive academic Disney World - without the teacup ride. 



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