You have to pick between two popular things, all relating to Central and Upstate New York. Just a heads up though, some of these choices are going to be pretty tough.

Alright, so it's just like "Would You Rather," you have to pick which one you would rather have, or what thing you would rather do, but this "This-OR-That" tends to be all about our area, favorite foods in our area, places we like to visit, and things like that.

Below are 10 "This-OR-That" questions, and an area where you can pick your answer. Vote as many times as you would like between now and noon on Wednesday, May 23rd. Then on Wednesday night, we'll tally up the votes, and share the results with you Thursday morning. Obviously, this is just for fun, don't take it too seriously...

Okay, here we go!


Again, get those votes in by noon on May 23rd. We'll share the results with you on-air and on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page on Thursday. And good luck to your favorite places and things on the list.




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