Since when is making good money with summers off, not a good deal? Apparently in a California school district where an accountant stands accused of padding her bra with millions of dollars in school lunch money. The allegations are against Judith Oakes, 48, who police say spent the past seven years embezzling as much as $3 million in student lunch money from the school district. They say they can prove it with a video of the woman stuffing cash into her bra before leaving work.

KCAL TV Reports:

“Obviously she had access to large sums of money and she was able to possess those large sums of money and get them out of the building,” Rialto police Capt. Randy De Anda told CBS-LA News.


So far official charges have not yet been filed but police say that when they went to Oakes’ house to arrest her, they found thousands of dollars in alleged stolen cash. She could face Federal charges as some of the money comes from government funding.