Have you ever wanted to throw tomatoes at someone during a live performance? This is your chance at Hamilton College located in Clinton, New York.

UPDATE- 4/28/2021

One of the members of Boston Molasses Disaster, who will be opening for Plague Doctors on May 8, put up the ad as a joke - a very poor one - but when someone contacted him, he told them it was a joke and took the ad down before anyone else responded. They do not, in fact, want anyone to come and throw tomatoes at them.

This concert is definitely not open to the public. So, please do not contact Hamilton College on this.


On a bizarre ad posted on Craigslist, a band is looking for someone to purposely throw tomatoes at them:

Looking for someone who is willing to throw tomatoes and other soft foods/veggies at my band while we play. The concert is on May 8th around 1PM on the Hamilton College campus."

They will even pay you $10. There is no word if the tomatoes will be provided. You can apply for the position online here.

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Which Band Are You Throwing Tomatoes At?

Honestly, the ad doesn't specify. If you take a look at Hamilton College's event calendar for May 8, there's 2 listings that look like they have some sort of live music:

1) Plague Doctors- This event happens at noon:

The Spring Student Performance Group series presents the Plague Doctors and special guest! Rain or shine under the Dunham Tent!

2) Duelly Noted- This event happens at 4:30PM:

The Spring Student Performance Group series presents Duelly Noted! Rain or shine under the Dunham Tent!"

So, who is Duelly Noted? Duelly Noted is Hamilton College’s youngest all-gender a cappella group. Are they the ones looking to have tomatoes thrown at them?

Honestly, is their another band or group performing that needs tomatoes thrown at them?

Why Do People Throw Tomatoes?

According to How Stuff Works: The first reference to throwing tomatoes at bad stage acts came in an 1883 New York Times article after John Ritchie was hit with a barrage of tomatoes and rotten eggs by an unpleasant audience in New York.

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