Sometimes break ups can be pretty brutal. Throughout the years classic break up songs have topped the charts, and some have helped pave the way for a bands career. One of those bands was Matchbox Twenty with the song “Push” back in 1996. It’s today’s spotlight with Throwback Tuesday.

Lead singer Rob Thomas wrote “Push” about a high school girlfriend who broke up with him by giving his clothes to charity. Thomas didn't have money to buy new clothes, so local bands helped him out by giving him T-shirts and other items. Over the next few months, he wore a lot of band T-shirts. Now this was their first hit, but don’t let it confuse you as their first single. They first released "Long Day," which got some airplay and helped open the door for "Push."

At least one feminist group tried to ban this song, believing that it encouraged violence toward woman. The ploy failed when the band explained that it was about emotional, rather than physical confrontation, and dealt with female on male mental harm, not the other way around. Lead singer Rob Thomas has said that this is evident to anyone who listens to the lyrics and not just the chorus.

Let’s take you back to 1996 with Matchbox Twenty and “Push”



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