"What's in the box" was a famous line uttered by Brad Pitt's character in the movie Seven. It may be your key to winning tickets to see Matchbox 20, along with the Counting Crows, at Syracuse's Lakeview Amphitheater.

In a joint effort between morning show team Beth & Dave and midday host Naomi Lynn, the "What's In the Matchbox" game runs the week of August 28-September 1 on Lite 98.7.

Each weekday morning at 8:15, Beth & Dave will open the matchbox and announce what's inside. It could be a Buffalo Head nickel, or a droplet of Beth's hairspray, or a single serving of "mom guilt."

Whatever it is, make a note. Then, between 1:00 and 2:00 every afternoon, Naomi Lynn will ask you to identify "What's in the Matchbox" for that day. If you've got the info, you can win.

A pair of tickets are up for grabs each day.

The Counting Crows, from Berkeley, California, best known for hits like "Mr. Jones" and "Hanginaround," are the opening act,

Matchbox 20, formed in Orlando, Florida and led by the inimitable vocals of Rob Thomas, have charted 25 singles over the years, with top-10 hits like "Unwell," "If You're Gone," and "Bent."


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