A woman from Maryland revealed she still uses an old-fashioned, wall-mounted punch clock machine at her place of employment — and suffice to say TikTok was shocked by the throwback!

On the social media platform, Cadence Nicole shared a video of her using the wall-mounted time clock to record her work hours.

"It’s 2022 and this is how I’m clocking in and out," a voice can be heard saying in the viral clip, which has amassed over 2.2 million views as of publishing.

The short video shows the employee placing a time card into the punch clock as she clocks in for work.

Watch the TikTok below:

Users peppered the comment section with memories of how they used the mostly obsolete machine to clock in at work back in the day.

"That's the way I clocked in and out in 1988," one person wrote.

"I clocked in like this at my high school job in 2010," another commented.

Some commented that they would prefer to use an old school punch clock than the way they currently record their hours.

"Better than mine. We have to actually write it down. Our POS system has the ability to clock in and out but my manager 'likes physically adding it up,'" one person wrote, while another shared, "Baby y’all better than us ... we’ve gotta physically write it down."

Willard Legrand Bundy invented the punch time clock in 1889, according to Citadel.

According to National Today, the punch clock is celebrated on "Punch The Clock Day" every year on Jan. 27. Other names for the punch clock include time clock, time recorder and clock card machine, according to the site.

Today, most companies have moved away from the punch clock in favor of a digital system or even an app to maintain security and accuracy.

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