Even though the Grinch's heart grew three sizes after discovering the true meaning of Christmas, your children's fear of him will also grow if you jump on the hilariously brutal "Grinch" TikTok trend this holiday.

It's no secret parents love pranking their kids and posting videos of their reactions on TikTok. The latest TikTok trend, which comes just in time for the holiday season, finds the Grinch stealing presents from and terrorizing unsuspecting kids in their own homes.

Some of the parents don’t even seem prepared for the utter terror in their children's eyes as they watch the Grinch break into their home to swipe their gifts, ruffle their hair and even steal their Christmas tree.

In one viral video, the Grinch stumbles through a family’s front door, where he is met with shock, horror and blood-curdling screams from the kids curled up on the couch.

In another clip, a “misbehaving” child erupts in tears after he opens his front door and finds the Grinch, who promptly starts swiping presents from underneath the tree.

Another viral video shows a group of sweet-looking children sitting quietly on their couch watching a movie. As the Grinch sneaks up behind them, the reactions are mixed — some of the kids start laughing while the others scramble away in shock. (Clearly, the parents are the real “naughty” ones here.)

In another TikTok, the Grinch bursts through a family’s front door, grabs the Christmas tree and makes a run for it as the kids look on in confusion and horror.

However, nothing beats the two little boys in the video below who, upon the Grinch’s arrival, launch into "protect presents mode" and begin throwing some serious punches at the green anti-hero.

Let’s just hope we don’t end up on the Naughty List for laughing too hard at these.

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