Sunday is the big day, when the streets of Utica will be filled with the sounds of thousands of feet hitting the pavement, as the Boilermaker gets underway.  It's such a fun event, both to take part in and to watch.  I haven't run it in several years, but I wouldn't miss watching it for the world.  I've asked a bunch of my runner friends for their best tips for having a good Boilermaker run, whether it's your first Boilermaker or your tenth. 

For the first time Boilermaker runners: (not in any particular order)

1.  Treat this as a fun event, not as a race.  Have fun during the run!

2.  Talk to the other runners that are around you.  There are loads of interesting people running the race, not just from Utica but from all across the country.

3.  Acknowledge the bands and crowds cheering you along the way.  They'll keep you motivated when you feel like it's dragging.

4.  Drink water.  It's really important to stay hydrated, especially if it's a hot day.

5.  Stretch before the run and after too.

6.  Don't start too fast or you'll burn out.  Keep a good, steady pace.

7.    Have fun and enjoy the experience!  Congratulate yourself for running 9.3 miles.

For the Experienced Runners:

1.  Get to the starting line early and loosen up.

2.  Do a light run of at least a mile prior to the start of the race and include about a half mile at your race pace.

3.  Hydrate well before the run.  Small regular sips of water.  Don't slam down a half gallon of water 15 minutes prior to start time.

4.  Do the first 5k slower then your overall predicted race pace.  Then attack the course coming downhill out of the golf course.  Hang on to your race pace during the last 5k.

Good luck and I'll be cheering for you on Sunday!

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