Yesterday I told you about the ten New Year's Resolutions that are most likely to be broken.  What's the secret to making and keeping good resolutions?  These tips from the experts can help you keep those New Year's Resolutions in 2014.

Losing weight.  Spending less and saving more.  There are so many resolutions you can make and that's the easy part.  What's not so easy is keeping them.  I've done it and you probably have too.  You keep them for the first few weeks of January and then slowly you slide back to how it was before.

One of my resolutions this year is to get rid of stuff that I'm not using.  I'll give it away, sell it, donate it or put it to the curb but I'm determined to get rid of stuff that's been sitting around not used and taking up space.

The experts have some tips for keeping those resolutions.  Give them a glance and see if you can use them to your benefit.

1.  Don't make more than three resolutions.  The best choice for success is to make one resolution and try to stick to it.

2.  Have a very specific goal.  This will help you achieve it.

3.  Have your family and friends help you.  If you have other people you have to be accountable to, that helps you stay on track with your resolution.

4.  Choose realistic goals.  Making it too unrealistic makes it that much more likely you'll fail.

5.  Change up your resolutions.  If you've tried the same resolution year after year without any success, it's time to choose a different resolution.

6.  Give yourself a break.  If you break your resolution, don't give up on it.  Start all over again.

2014 starts tomorrow.  Are you ready for it?