With winter in full swing cabin fever is just around the corner. One way to defeat cabin fever is to take a trip to any fun-sounding spot closer to the equator. These trips can cause a world of stress though. How can you survive these trips?

Sometimes these vacations can cause more stress and may cause fights. Guyism.com put together a nice list on ways to survive a vacation with your significant other.

  1. Wear Sunscreen: If you're sunburned, two things will happen: One, you'll be in pain. Two, this will have some sort of fight stem.
  2. Avoid Spring Break Destinations: Spring Break is for single people, not for married couples. They will be packed, crowded, and may have some good looking people floating around. You can't be mad if he/she is checking others out when that's all that is around.
  3. Stay Loose: You don't need to be detailed to the last minute. My family tries this and it drives me nuts. The last thing you want is to feel stressed about maintaining a jam-packed schedule.
  4. Turn Your Phone Off: Get away from Facebook, texts, work, email, and Twitter. You're on vacation, stay away.
  5. Take Some Time Apart: You can spend a lot of time together, but some time needs to be spent apart, so you both can remain sane. Take a hour or so apart.
  6. Make the Most of the Problems: When you travel, things are going to go wrong. They will, it's a vacation. Laugh through the problems and make the best of them.

What are some other good tips not on the list?