People everywhere have strange or disgusting habits. Maybe you’re like Mike Sanchez of the Jets who picked his nose on another QB. That clearly wasn’t ok to do in public, but what else should you never do in public?

According to, here's a rundown of some other things you should never do in public.

  • Cry- Nothing worse than seeing someone crying in public. You feel bad, and you try to ignore it.
  • Break-up- Nothing more ackward than doing this in a public setting.
  • Fight on the phone- If you are in line ordering food, just set the phone down!
  • Adjust your private area- Just leave that for the bathroom
  • Eat food off the floor- 5 second rule doesn’t apply when others are around
  • Sing- As long as you are an American Idol you can sing.
  • Groom yourself- Shaving, or fixing your hair and makeup may not be a good idea.

What do people do in public that drives you mad?