Ever watch 'Extreme Couponing" on TLC?  I found the show by accident one night and now I"m hooked.  You won't believe how much money people save on this show.   Not a few bucks.  Try hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

There was a woman from Florida on a recent episode who filled two carts at the grocery store.  Her total bill, before coupons, was around $1100.00.  She pulled out this huge folder filled with coupons and handed them to the cashier.  I watched in amazement as her total got smaller and smaller and smaller until her final total after coup0ns was $5.00.  $5.00!  I couldn't believe it.  She had two carts filled to the brim and yet she only paid just  five dollars for all of it.  And she's not the only one.  Start watching the show and you'll see a similar scenario again and again.  Up until last week, I'd only seen extreme coupon use in action on tv.  While I was in line at the store last Saturday,  I noticed the woman in front of me had dozens of the same item on the conveyer belt.  I started paying attention to what else she had in her cart and sure enough, it was filled with  multiples of deoderant, soap and detergent.  Her total came to  $100.00 and then she took out this huge folder and started whipping out all these coupons.  Guess what?  Her bill dropped to $40. 00.  I told her  I felt like I was watching 'Extreme Couponing.'  Of course she knew exactly the show I was talking about and said sometimes she saves even more than that.  Her folder was more like a giant binder you'd have in school and this one was stuffed to the brim with all sorts of coupons.   By the way, the show is on Wednesdays at 9pm.  I don't extreme coupon myself but do get a charge out of watching this show.

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