We sense you're really going to like this show. A Western New York woman is set to star in a new TLC series highlighting her unique talents.

Jennie Marie, a Rochester mom, will be starring in a new television show on TLC called 'Mamma Medium' that will showcase her unique abilities as a medium.

According to a release from TLC, "Jennie Marie has both a larger-than-life personality AND the extraordinary ability to talk to the dead. Every episode will showcase several readings, offering a first-hand look at Jennie Marie's unique ability to connect with people on a deeper level. Set in Rochester, the series will also explore Jennie Marie's home life. The vivacious matriarch isn't the only gifted person in her family; three of her four sons also share some of her abilities, and you'll have a chance to watch their talents evolve over the course of the series."

Some of her fans took the time to comment on TLC's Facebook post announcing the series, sharing their experiences with Jennie Marie.

Sonya says "I was out at a restaurant 2 years ago and Jen was there. She was about to leave and she suddenly stopped and said “I’m sorry I hate to do this, but I’m being told to stop and talk to you.” At first I thought she was nuts and then she explained what she did and that she speaks to dead people. This freaked me out a little bit. I said to her “oh yea are my parents here” she said “yes, and your mother told me to tell you not to worry about the ring.” My face went completely white and I began to cry. I kept asking “what did you say & why are you saying those exact words?” The background of my week right before this was that I lost my mother’s wedding band. I was and I still am upset that I lost it, but I did not speak about the ring all night. She could not of overhead me speaking about. I did not post anything on social media b/c I did not want my siblings to know. She kept saying she was so sorry to upset me, but she kept being pushed to speak to me. My mother died in 2001 to ovarian cancer & my father died in 2008 of colon cancer. I have never felt their presence more since their deaths till that night I ran into Jennie. I was beyond grateful for that experience. 
I did get her info and told her I wanted to hear more. I actually set up a group reading so close family members could talk to love ones that passed. It really was a great experience for all. 
Thank Jennie and I can not wait to watch your show!! Cheers!!"

No date has been announced for the debut of the show.

Will you watch this show? Do you believe that mediums can communicate with the other side? 

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