Over the top tv shows?  'Jerry Springer' comes to mind.  While on vacation last week, I stumbled across a show on TLC that certainly fits the description of being over the top.  It's their show called 'Outrageous Kids Parties.'  Have you seen it? I couldn't believe what I was watching.

The episode I saw featured a family from Riverside, California.  Their son Maverick, who is five, was being graduated from preschool and his Mom Betty wanted to throw him this extremely extravagent party, which is exactly what Maverick wanted.  Betty wanted to spare no expense for the party, which the party planner said would cost at least ten thousand dollars.  He's five!  Bettty's husband Steve openly admitted they don't have that kind of money and thought that whole thing was too much.  Betty's sister agreed, which didn't sit well with Betty.  The props for the party cost over seven hundred dollars, as did the limo.  As I'm watching this, I'm wondering what kind of expectation Maverick's parent's, especially his Mom, are setting up for him?  What kind of party will he expect when he is graduated from middle school, highschool and college?  Betty justified her over-the-top behavior by saying Maverick did well in preschool and would only be graduated from it once in his life.  I did a little research on the show and found another episode where the parents spent thirty two thousand dollars on their daughter's sixth birthday party.  She had everything she wanted for her "princess" themed party, including three hundred costumes, two thousand flowers, spa treatments and a horse drawn carriage.  She was turning six!  I think it's all too much and wonder if the parents are trying to buy their kid's affection and also the admiration of their friends and neighbors too.  This is one show I don't need to watch again!

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