July 3rd is a big day for Tom Cruise.  He'll be celebrating his 50th birthday but he seems more excited about his new movie than his approaching milestone birthday.

His new movie "Rock of Ages" opened this past weekend.  Cruise tells People that he'd never sung professionally before and spent ten hours a day undergoing intense vocal training.  How else did he transform into a rock star?  Four and a half months were spent doing movement training in boots, leather pants and hair extensions.   That's not all.  Cruise also worked on his abs and lots of push-ups.  His choreographer says they would count his new stomach muscles every day.  Despite the fun he had in the role, he has no plans to embark on a singing career anytime soon.  As for that big birthday coming up next month, Cruise tells People that his wife Katie threw him a big birthday bash last year and since they'll both be working on his big day, they'll do something pretty low-key.  He'll be in Iceland working on a film.    "Rock of Ages" opened this past weekend and didn't have a great start at the box office but something tells me that won't hurt his career at all.