Celebrating National Pets in Film Day, we picked the best movies that star our furry companions.

June 19th is National Pets in Film Day, which was created to promote compassion for animals and celebrate the bond we have with our pets. There are plenty of classic 'dogs are a man's best friend movies' out there, but other pets have captured our hearts in films for decades.

#1. Old Yeller

Credit: Walt Disney Productions

Old Yeller steals the heart of the whole family on the homestead, and the audience too.

#2. Babe

Credit: Universal PIctures

Saved by compassion and trying to fit in with the dogs who raised them, this pig learns how to herd sheep on the farm.

#3. 101 Dalmatians

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Cruella needs to go cruelty-free with her fashion choices!

#4. Marley & Me

Credit: Fox 2000 Pictures

A playful film that shows all of the good and bad heartfelt moments throughout a dog's life.

#5. War Horse

Credit: Dreamworks

Not just movies about dogs will make you emotional.

#6. Homeward Bound

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

I grew up with this Disney classic, starring a crew of both dogs and cats.

#7. Austin Powers Series

Credit: Capella International

Although Mr. Bigglesworth, Dr. Evil's pet cat, is a minor character in this Mike Myers series - he steals the scene with every appearance.

#8. My Dog Skip

Credit: Warner Bros.

Frankie Muniz didn't just star in Malcolm in the middle, he also played our heart strings in this dog flick.

#9. Because of Winn-Dixie

Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Even a mischievous dog can help out in a big way.

#10. Beethoven

Credit: Universal Pictures

'The head of the family is the one with the tail' says it all.

Which animal movie is your favorite?