Ladies, does your significant other have a pet name or two for you?  Chances are if he calls you beautiful or gorgeous, you're okay with that.  Some pet names, though, women really, really hate.  

A new poll asked women for their most hated pet names.   Guess what topped the list?  Babe.  Women hate being called babe.  Here are the rest of the top 10 most  hated pet names.

2.  Sweet cheeks

3.  Snookums

4.  Baby doll

5.  Baby girl

6.  Muffin

7.  Ducky

8.  Baby cakes

9.  Sexy pants

10.  Pudding  (I've never heard that being used as a pet name before.  Have you?)

Are any of these on your hated list?  Does your sweetie ever call you one of these?


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