When I first heard that Utica didn't have a Starbucks I threw a fit! Then I discovered these gems!!   When I got to town I wondered how I would survive the morning without my peppermint mocha from Starbucks. I asked around for some hints and suggestions and here are the gems I discovered!

  • Mark Rubens/thinksstock/tsm
    Mark Rubens/thinksstock/tsm

    Utica Coffee Roasting Company

    Amazing atmosphere!

    In addition to providing an excellent selection of coffees from all over the world the ambiance in this shop is second to none! The owners are not only passionate about coffee but they're also excited about being a part of the revitalization of downtown Utica. If you're looking for a truly authentic coffee shop, stop in. You won't regret it!

  • Pavel Timofeyev/thinkstock/tsm
    Pavel Timofeyev/thinkstock/tsm

    Cafe Domenico

    Bourbon Pound Cake!

    This coffee shop epitomizes central New York Italian culture. And isn't Italian flare a huge part of what makes Utica such a unique place to live? I have to give this place props for making me the best cappuccino I've ever had! The next time you're out walking your dog on a frosty winter morning swing by this nifty little nook you won't be disappointed! Oh, and feel free to bring your pup inside the shop because pets are welcome!

  • James McQuillan/thinkstock/tsm
    James McQuillan/thinkstock/tsm

    Triangle Coffee Shop

    Simple yet refined!

    If you're looking for amazing food and coffee at prices you can afford here's your spot! The friendly staff here very well may win your heart, and the tasty breakfast selections will win over your taste buds! This neat little place is one I'd like to visit every day if I could. Stop in and discover a little piece of java heaven!


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