Valentine's Day is right around the corner and when it comes to fun dating ideas in the Mohawk Valley your options are limitless!  Here are some of my favorite places to visit!  

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    The Utica Zoo

    The Utica Zoo offers a unique opportunity to enjoy one another’s company in a lighthearted environment. Let’s face it, most everybody loves animals! Even what appears to be the worst possible date can turn into something magical once you start joking about the California Sea Lion’s contagious bark. Just be sure to not compare his communication techniques to that of your date. That can’t possibly go well. If you and your companion are feeling adventurous, the Utica Zoo offers snowshoe rentals. They have numerous well groomed trails and the trek is immensely scenic! Your date will love you for suggesting this idea, provided you don’t do what I did and accidentally leave them behind in the woods. It’s a good thing she didn’t feed me to the African Lions!


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    Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute

    This Utica gem offers hundreds of fascinating exhibits and displays that appeal to both the art lover and to one who wants to prove to his date that he is indeed culturally and historically refined. Here’s a hint: do a little preliminary study on important and prestigious art icons and world changers before you head out to the museum.  Before you know it, you’ll be talking about Feibes and Schmitt like they were your own relatives. Munson Williams also has a variety of educational opportunities. You and your date can build your own sculpture or even paint a picture that you’ll be talking about for the next twenty years. Who knows, maybe you can even recreate the scene from “Ghost!”


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    Frederick T. Proctor Park

    Why? A walk around a pretty park affords you the opportunity to chat it up with your special someone while you’re admiring nature and getting fit! You’ll immediately pique your date’s interest with this idea because it conveys the message you really want to get to know them. It also shows them that you appreciate the simple things in life like trees, streams, and small creatures. The last time I visited this park I saw four squirrels, several beautiful birds, and one deer with her fawn. I can’t promise you a deer will appear on your next trip here but you’re bound to have a perfectly serene and relaxing time. Learn from my mistake though, when you’re walking near the stream don’t attempt to show off your rock skipping talents unless you’re absolutely sure that the stone won’t ricochet off a tree and fly into your companions kneecap.

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