Men all know that women love chick flicks. But the one thing we fail to notice is how obsessed we can get over certain movies.  Men can quote them word for word and sometimes when they get together in a group they can even act them out. So men have their own version of chick flicks, let’s call them male tales. Here’s a few male tales from our friends over at The Frisky.

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    Die Hard

    Bruce Willis' character is an everyman hero, an ordinary guy that does extraordinary things. What’s there not to like?

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    It’s the classic revenge story with bloody fighting scenes. Every male likes a little blood in there films.

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    The Empire Strikes Back

    By far the best of the Star Wars franchise. It can be compared to an intergalactic soap opera with dark undertones and fighting.

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    Fight Club

    Glorified violence and an underlying story questioning what it means to be a man. Also first rule of Fight Club, is to not talk about Fight Club.

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    Filled with quotable lines and it’s absolutely hilarious. I could quote almost every line from the movie, it’s a classic.