With the warmer weather, the sunshine, and the days getting longer, it may be hard to focus and get anything done throughout the day. You're probably suffering from 'Spring Fever,' but hey, who's really complaining, right?

Here are your top five signs you're suffering from 'Spring Fever.'


People Outside Soaking up Some Sunshine
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1 - You'll Find any Excuse to Go Outside During Work

Face it - the weather is getting nicer, and when the sun is out and it's warm, you just want to be outside to enjoy it. You'll even offer to buy everyone lunch, just so you can run out and get it. Any excuse to get outdoors becomes a good one.


A Pile of Winter Coats
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2 - You've Already Packed Away all Your Winter Sweaters, Boots, Coats...

...gloves, hats, scarves - gone! You don't want to see any of that stuff again for another 5 or 6 months. Even though you might actually need a few of those things, you don't care. Its all been put away and hidden in the back of the closet.


Actor Ron Livingston as 'Peter Gibbons' in the Movie "Office Space"
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3 - Productive Day at Work? Forget About It!

You're mind is too busy daydreaming about soaking up the sunshine. Plus, online shopping can be hard work. You still need to order a hammock for your yard. Oh, and maybe some new patio furniture, too.


Woman Mopping and Cleaning a Home
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4 - You're Actually Excited to get Some House Cleaning Done

Cleaning can be a pain, and boring. But Spring Cleaning? That's a totally different story. It lets you freshen up everything, and get that cooped-up winter feeling out of your house. You've already started packing boxes in the garage, and are thinking about holding a yard sale this summer.


5 - You Find Yourself Happy and in a Good Mood for No Reason

You just found out you need new brakes on your vehicle, and you don't really have the money for that right now. Meh, no big deal, you'll figure it out. Even if your day is going a little rough, nothing can get you down. You're smiling, you're happy, and you have no reason to be feeling so good... Well, except for the fact that you have 'Spring Fever.'





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