Tornadoes don't often touch down in Central New York, but we do see occasional watches and warnings issued when storm conditions are favorable. Here's a look at some of the actual tornado reports we've found.

In 1973, one of the strongest tornadoes to hit New York State was also the first recorded F4 tornado in the state. This twister touched down southeast of Albany in Canaan, NY on August 28, 1973 and caused a fair amount of damage:

According to reports from the Tornado History Project, the tornado destroyed a truck stop and diner, and possibly destroyed a home. Four people were killed from this storm, and another 36 were injured. (Lite 98.7)

There were only a couple other storms of this magnitude that touched down in New York.

One of the deadliest tornadoes to hit the state was just a couple years ago in Madison County. On July 8, 2014, an EF2 tornado touched down in Smithfield, NY. 4 people died in that tragic storm.

In Oneida County, confirmed tornado touch downs are a very rare occurrence according to Homefacts. There have been 32 tornadoes since 1950, the strongest of which caused significant damage in Boonville on May 2, 1983. There was also an EF-1 tornado that touched down in Vernon in July 2014.

In Herkimer County, twisters are even more rare - only 15 reported since 1950 according to Homefacts. In addition, Homefacts says there has only been 1 recorded death and 3 injuries caused by tornadoes.


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