Our community is paying respects to Will Smith with an emotional tribute featuring music from R&B group Boys II Men.

Utica continues to mourn the loss of one very special man, Will Smith. He lost his life because of a senseless tragedy on the streets of New Orleans.

Will was a football star at Proctor High and eventually went on to play college ball at Ohio State. He played on the professional level for the New Orleans Saints, where he was a star defensive end, and the backbone of the team. More importantly, Will was a respected family man, and father of three. According to WKTV:

Ron Mancuso was Proctor's Principal back when Will Smith was in high school.  Mancuso very vividly remembers Smith walking the halls between classes, "He was the kind of kid who always had a hello for you, a big grin for you.  He was a big kid, kind of a gentle giant in some respects, but an obvious leader all the time."

Here's a touching tribute to Will.


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