This might be the most touching story I've read in quite some time, and the timing couldn't be any better.

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and a little boy from Ilion, NY is tugging at the heart strings of local service men and women. His name is Logan William Winter, and he's earning the respect and admiration of the community because of his acts of kindness and patriotism. He's also three years old!

For the past two years, Logan has been laying flags on the grave stones of various Mohawk Valley veterans. After he sets the flag on the stone, he salutes each and every one. A short while ago, Logan was Applebee's with his family and something remarkable happened:

 There were three servicemen in uniform having dinner. Logan was mesmerized by these gentlemen. He kept asking to use the bathroom to walk by them and see them. After about the fourth venture walking passed these servicemen I decided to stop and say hello and thank them for their service.”“Just then Logan saluted each of them and said thank you. I have never seen grown men be so touched by a thank you and a salute as these men. They were done with their meals and were getting ready to leave but not before walking by our table and saluting my nephew, Logan. Even as they were walking past the windows outside, they had tears in their eyes...smiling from ear to ear, giving Logan thumbs up and a final salute.”

I wonder if little Logan will eventually go on to serve in the armed forces.  Its little men like him that become great leaders. He may be just what our country needs. Thank you Logan for leading us by your example. Thank you men and women in the military. We appreciate your service!

Just Jen and I talked about little Logan this morning.


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