If you bought a new Toyota car or truck in the past few years, you could be getting a recall notice. The automaker says more than 680,000 vehicles may have brake light and airbag problems.

Toyota reports that during assembly, silicon grease might’ve found its way into the stop-lamp switch on affected cars, which could cause increased electrical resistance and kill the brake lights, trigger warning lights on the dashboard, stop the engine from starting, or prevent the transmission from being shifted out of park.

In addition, the airbags in some trucks might not work properly because of friction caused by a steering wheel spiral cable rubbing against its retainer.

The recall affects about 70,500 Camrys made in 2009, 116,000 Venza cars manufactured from 2009 to 2011, and about 495,000 Tacoma compact pickup trucks made from 2005 to early 2009. Toyota is getting the parts necessary to make repairs and says it will alert owners to make a service appointment.

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