I get SO frustrated when traveling up Rt. 5 (Auert Ave.) past the North Utica Shopping Center. As I approach Burger King, staying in the right hand lane like everyone else...some jerk flies by us in the left turn only lane  and goes straight, cutting everyone off who patently waited through a signal or two. To be fair, motorists who are unfamiliar with the area will signal and politely merge over. Good news, this traffic pattern will soon change.

According to the NYS DOT,  Auert Ave in North Utica will have a pavement marking project starting on the 19th between North Genesee Street and Leland Ave. The painting project is expected to be completed in 3 days, weather permitting. Traffic delays will be encountered. But afterwards, motorist should clearly see which lane they should be in and that you must turn left onto Van Renesselaer if you're in the left lane. They will also do pavement markings on Leland Ave. which should help prevent people from making the illegal left hand turn into the North Utica Shopping Center. This should tell drivers that they may NOT turn left into the plaza. At least that's what we would hope for.

Additional project information can be found at www.nysdot.gov/travel